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Strong, elegant and economical zoo Webnet wire mesh for animal enclosures.

Backed by an experienced support team, our high-quality stainless steel products are manufactured at the Jakob production plant in Switzerland.

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Animal (Zoo) Enclosures

For the designers and curators of zoos/wildlife parks, there are a wide range of factors that must be taken into consideration; when designing and installing new animal enclosures for specific species.

Clearly, there’s the need to carefully consider the visitor experience and to ensure that people can see the animals as clearly as possible in their natural habitat; without their views being obstructed by cumbersome fences, cages or bars. But, the need for an uninterrupted view can’t be at the expense of safety. The designer will have to find a way to optimise the viewing opportunities; without compromising the safety of visitors, staff or animals.

For the animals, the designer will also want to maximise space and light. To create a zoo enclosure which is as close as possible to the animal’s natural habitat. To achieve this objective there may also need to be an element of compromise; with safety and security unquestionably the prime requirements.

Faced with these sometimes contradictory needs, the designer’s role can therefore often involve finding the best compromises. That is to create the best habitat for the animal and the best viewing experience for the visitor, while keeping the animals healthy and secure and staff and visitors safe.

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Jakob’s Webnet stainless steel wire mesh system provides the perfect solution to this perennial problem. The high-quality zoo mesh system provides designers, zoo-keepers, visitors and the animals with a solution that is elegant, robust and low-maintenance, allowing natural light to flood the enclosure while being exceptionally strong and secure. With Webnet, there is no need for additional safety-barriers; so there is very little to obstruct the views of the animals.

The highly-flexible zoo mesh Webnet system is available in a wide range of options and sizes to meet virtually all requirements and can be custom-designed to suit the specific needs of each application, whatever its shape and size.

Proven in projects across the world, Webnet has been used in enclosures for monkeys, birds, panthers, and even Siberian tigers. The size and composition of the filigree web structure specified to suit the exact size and strength requirements of the overall structure and each individual aperture.

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